Packed Weekend

I am super duper luper tired. Maybe that’s how my brother always feel when he’s packed with so much activities and doesn’t come home.

Yesterday, I left the house at 9.50am, and reached home at 8am this morning. Hehehe… Juli dah rebel eh, dah tak tahu balik rumah…

Memandai-mandai je… Ketok kepala kang…

After driving practical in the morning, I went straight for tuition. After tuition, me and Tok headed towards Vivocity for Joyah’s and Dila’s surprise birthday celebration. The programme consisted of a movie – Knowing… That was my first time watching a movie at GV Vivocity and I’m not sure if it was the seats we got or the sound system was already so loud. In fact, it was too loud for me, that I had my right ear covered most of the time. I must have looked retarded then, lol. The movie was a suspense, and on top of that, I found it cool that it must have been easy-peasy to act with no scripts to memorise for the ‘Whisperer People’ role. Oh, not forgetting, maintaining that clueless, blur-sotong look.

During the movie, when the ‘BIG DAY’ was said to happen on 19th October 2009…

Me to Tok: Can you imagine if that were really to happen?
Tok: Why?
Me: It’s on 19th October 2009 tau…
Tok: Uh-huh… *question mark look*
Me: It’s not fair. You get to celebrate your birthday and I don’t.

Hahahahahahahaha. For those who don’t quite get it, both our birthdays fall in October, and his is before 19th and mine is after.

Anyways, we are not supposed to believe in the storyline right, so let’s treat that as a very random conversation that I decided to share with you, shall we? Haha.

After the whole bithday outing, I went to the mosque for a qiyam session which was part of ‘Mind Your Soul’ programme. It was my first time Qiyam-ing, and I was quite thrilled but at the same time constantly reminding myself why I chose to Qiyam. Niat mesti mau betul hor.

Alhamdulillah, last night’s Qiyam, even it was for a short while, the night allowed me to clear my mind and look for answers for my questions. It was quite a tough night for me, but I pulled through with His help and the strength and patience given to me.

And what happened after I got home was also not an easy one, but everybody tries and we give our best effort to gain His pleasure in what we do.

InsyaAllah, this time we will make it through and be stronger…

like Vin Diesel. OK, RANDOM!!!


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