48-dollar Investment

A few days ago, I made the decision to invest in a pair of working shoes. Why an investment I say? Because I have never spent so much on ONE pair of shoes alone. But since I decided to spend (embarrassingly enough) $48 on a pair of nice shoes for work, I will not buy another pair until that pair has completely worn out. And that I will also use it well, and take care of it. =S

But NOT to the extent of wearing it on my wedding day – like how Joyah misinterpreted my notbuyinganothershoe decision. Pffft. =P

The process of buying that shoe was a…… tedious one. I had Tok with me, he helped me chose a design. An open-toe shoe made me look like a makcik, he says. And a pointed out will make me look more lady-like.

With his approval and my mind made up, I picked out a dark brown number with some lines of other colours, not too high, and it is pointed. And Tok has strictly forbade me to wear those shoes with a pair of cargo pants (which initially I thought it’d make me look casually smart).

Hmm, apparently my Tok has a better sense of fashion than me. I have to prepare myself should one day he ‘speaks Prada’, like Luke Brandon in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Heeh.

image from deviantart.com
image from deviantart.com

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