Mummy’s Birthday

Today, my mum celebrated her XXth birthday. Everything was ready, but the celebration only began when I reached home from my SPIB class… which was almost 11pm?

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mama, may Allah bless and equip you with strength, with improving health (so that we can go shopping one day), with rezeki, and may Allah strengthen your Iman and may we be good children to you (for all the things you’ve done for us) till we part.


And here’s the picture of the…….

Birthday cake
Birthday cake

My mum’s glam-ness couldn’t last till 11pm, so no picture of her. Haha. The cake will suffice. And fyi, it’s NICE!!! 

Ok, now waiting for Tok to arrive with the second part of the birthday ‘present’ – the Birthday Pizza. Haha. I have a feeling I’d be eating the first piece… We’ll see.


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