The Day So Far…

As I am lunching in the office right now, I am hoping nothing bad happens to my system.

I brought packed lunch from home today, in an attempt to save money – so far I spent $2 ($1 on Milo for breakfast and $1 on Siew Mais). I hope it progresses well in the days to come. =S

Turns out that my lunch turned bad, but because I declared it to be still edible, I ate it. And now my tongue tastes a little bit weird. It was the rice that turned bad, but the lauk ayam masak black pepper that my mum cooked still tasted power to the people.

Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

Other than that, I have finished one of my client’s GST computation, just in time for his approval before the deadline, which is today. Grrr. I shan’t complain much, because I know I’ve given it my best.

Siti’s mum is in hospital, so now I don’t have anybody in the office to disturb via MSN (haha), because Siti’s on urgent leave. In any case, our prayers are with you and your mum, beb. Hope everything goes smoothly and your mum recovers well after the op. Amin.

So… that has been the day so far…


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