Forgiveness. Love. Friendship.

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Finally, after weeks of procrastinating, I managed to get myself to watch the DVD ‘Sex and the City’. Out of stress, I decided to take the risk and watch a movie on a weekday night. A MONDAY night at that.

Ok, so we all know what is in the movie (pssst… it’s the ‘s’ word… *bimbo giggle in a mentel way*), but to me, I was looking forward to this ever-so-loving friendship shared between four ladies. When it was once showed on HBO, I had a hard time watching it, because apparently they still showed that was unsuitable for the minor-then me. Thank God, I chanced upon the EDITED version (that word has to be emphasized), so I was spared from the nottobewatched scenes.

I wonder how me and my girls would be like in our forties. Haha. Things to be learned from the movie:

The wonderful friendship.
I have to clean my room.
I want a new laptop. (Ok, that’s not a learning point.)

Oh shoot. It’s 10.15pm. Need to wash up, sleep and prepare positive mindset for tomorrow. Gah. Never mind it’s Tuesday tomorrow, but it’s the ‘mostfavourite’ client’s place I’ll be dragging myself to. I am praying that they won’t cook up a drama.

Pfft. Drama mamas.


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