Washed Away

image from deviantart.com
image from deviantart.com

Not only that the ice cream did not prolong the ‘happiness’ I was hoping for, but apparently, I grew rather weak that patience ran out of me before I knew it.

My stay at my ‘most favourite’ client’s place was shortened because of the lack of patience, which in the end I succeeded in persuading him to let me bring the documents back.

Technically, I ran away from the place. And now I am in my office-sweet-office. I am not sure how much trouble I might get myself into, but I am still doing my work, it’s just that I’m at a different place.

Then it got me thinking, from what I learned during one of my SPIB classes, Allah will never challenge one with a test if He knows that we cannot handle the situation. In the first place, when I was on my way to that place on Tuesday, I regarded it as a challenge, and I was confident that with His help, I’d be able to overcome it. Just one or two more days, I told myself.

But, well, I was not quite sure what today was telling me. Was what I did actually my way of overcoming the situation? Or was it me lacking the patience by ‘running away’?  

Whatever the answer would be, my stress level reduced drastically the second I stepped out of the cab in front of Manhattan House. I became naturally happy (as opposed to PRETENDING to be happy at that place everytime).

I was so so so so happy I was not there. A huge wave of relief just swept through me and all my stress was washed away. Whoa, never thought I could type such stuff. Hahaha.



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