My father’s words.

Dad said, if I pass my driving license in September, he’d buy me a car. Behold! My future car!

image from
image from

No clutches
No gears
Able to carry lots of things (very useful during sale season)!
Cows come for free!
BUT driver needs some responsibility to keep those two alive and strong to be able to pull the load…. something which I am not prepared for… at least for now.

(I still remember my poor terrapin I secretly bought and smuggled into the house, which somehow escaped from the sink and was found behind the fridge, still alive. )

If my dad really buys me that, it’s either I am moving to a kampung in Malaysia or Indonesia… or I am preparing myself to get my license revoked, for extreme road-hogging on Singapore roads. I’m sure he was just joking… Or he could… buy me a train (keretapi)… Choo chooooo!


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