Hari ini adalah hari paling bersejarah bagi adikku. Although I couldn’t attend his graduation ceremony, I am so proud of him, just like my parents are so proud of him. And although I could not attend the ceremony, I am happy that my mum can make it. Alhamdulillah =D

Somehow I was more concerned with what my parents were going to wear for his graduation, that I made sure they wore something very nice, but less nicer than hari raya (of course)… and I became my mum’s fashion consultant for a few minutes.

I searched through one container of tudungs last night just to find a matching tudung for her clothes. Haha.

Next upcoming thing for him (which I am also dreading, by the way) is his NS at Tekong, booking in October. He won’t be around for my birthday!!! *sadded* Looks like I’ll be the only child in the family then, who becomes a sister during the weekends.


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