Wonderful Evening Spent.

Today me and Tok caught Monsters VS Aliens in 3D… for the first time, for the both of us. Trays of 3D glasses greeted us when we entered the cinema theatre hall, but unfortunately they were only for borrowing. *Boo* to that, because the glasses looked so cool. I even suggested that Tok could wear them while riding, as a substitute for his current shades. Lol.

So anyway, it was our first time watching a 3D movie in a cinema, so being jakon, we ooh-ed and aah-ed throughout the movie… together with the many other kids in the cinema. Haha. 

Overall, the movie was not bad. The animation was great. But if not for the 3D glasses that eventually made me feel dizzy, I would have enjoyed it more. My most favourite character is Bob, the blobby thing who was also confused at many things.

Headed home after a nice dinner and until now, the headache still lingers. I have a workshop scheduled tomorrow and I can’t wait to see my SPIB-mates! So… I better nurse this headache now… and go to sleep.

Before I end off this entry, I stumbled upon this poem, a very very beautiful poem… Like how the writer hopes for, may this poem guides us ladies and guys out there (whatever marital status you may hold) to strive for Allah’s pleasure. Afterall, Allah swt is Most-Forgiving, it is never too late to change for the better. That applies to me too. 🙂

My Fahri is still waiting for me
Just as I am waiting for him
He strives hard at what he does
To make up for his past

My Fahri may not be the most good-looking of the lot
Neither am I Miss Universe of the year
He may occasionally slip and sin
But I prefer to see his beauty within

My Fahri might not read the Qur’an without error
He may not even have memorised many Surahs
But his recitation will calm & soothe me
Because of his pure heart’s sincerity

My Fahri might have had a girlfriend or two
But he’s repented and changed his ways
What matters now is me & him
And how we’ll help each other achieve our dream

My Fahri might not have read that many books
And he may laugh too loud or joke too much
But he has great love & respect for the Prophet (saw)
And tries hard to reform his inward

My Fahri may occasionally raise his voice at me
But I’ll understand that I too have my flaws
Yet we’ll always forgive and heal the scar
Because our marriage is not for the dunya

My Fahri, my Imam, in this life & the next,
Do you know that I’m still missing you?
It may be tough and you may feel blue
But do know that somehow somewhere, I am struggling too.

My Fahri may not be the dream I’ve dreamt him to be
But he’ll be the man Allah has chosen for me
And for that I’ll give my heart to him
And we’ll still make a great tag team

I’m still in his dua
And he’s still in my dream
My Fahri is still waiting for me
Just as I am still waiting for him.

Poem from here. On a random note, now I feel like watching Ayat-Ayat Cinta again. Haha.

On an another random note, I haven’t seen my brother for three consecutive days!!! 😦


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