Mawla Ya Salli Wa Sallim

I cried when I found this video. They were tears of joy.

If you want the lyrics of the nasyid, it’s this one.

If you want the meaning of the nasyid, it’s this one.

I still remember the first time I heard the song. I was on duty at Expo, assisting the En-Naeem Project Team with it’s Nasi Briyani Amal booth. There I lost my wallet and handphone. As if a lecture from my mum via Ameera’s handphone was not enough, Tok wasn’t in Singapore to hear my rant and share the anger (but I could imagine his anger when I told him through the phone later on… ironically it made me feel better knowing that someone was as angry as me.  Heh.).

I also cannot forget how I easily and secretly accused someone I knew, out of anger, astarghfirullahalazeem.

Alhamdulillah, I had good good friends from En-Naeem – The Tellitubbies (Wan, Ramdan, Ustaz Muhammad and Abang Rahim) and Ameera – who cheered me up and bought me food on that fateful day. Haha… And in the midst of feeling super helpless, it was then, I heard that song being played out loud from the booth that we were sharing with… and it totally calmed me down to the extent that I was stoning satu corner.

I want its MP3 format can!

Anyway, I went to Wisma Indah today…. for the second time this week (hehehe) and as I stepped into the Dewan Solat Wanita, there were some madrasah girls mengaji-ing… And masyaAllah! One of the girls had a beautiful voice. No… not like Madonna, or Beyonce. She has one of the most beautiful mengaji voices I had ever heard.

Let’s put it this way, if any of you hear the recitation of surah-surah Al-Quran from Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al-Fasy, that girl is like the female version! SubhanAllah!

Sigh… when will I ever get to learn to mengaji like that….? Suruh mengaji je suka kasi alasan… Last week, I ‘resumed’ my mengaji session with my mum… when I told her which page of the Quran I was reading…

Mum: Eh eh… dah lama tak ngaji aleh-aleh dah page tiga ratus lebih?
Me: Kenape tak leh pulak? Kadang-kadang Yana ngaji sendiri pe…
Mum: Ba, tengok Ba, anak you… Tiba-tiba je nak jump page… Abis tu ngaji brape page je kat sebelah dia ade satu botol air.
ME: Orang haus la….

Pffft. I shall spare you from the family conversation that we had afterwards ok…  Heh. Bottomline is, mengaji with someone beats mengaji alone, because when you mengaji alone, you might not be aware of your own mistakes while reciting.

Am thinking of going back to Wisma Indah tomorrow perhaps. Hehe… Nak ikut?


8 thoughts on “Mawla Ya Salli Wa Sallim

  1. Hehe Kak, this nasyid is called the Qasidah Burdah, and comes in many many many versions. Go research on what it actually is, it’s a centuries old traditional Qasidah. Check your email for a surprise 😉

    This one is sung by Muhammad Al-Husayn, who is also the singer for Ya Rafeeq Al Darb, the most romantic nasyid ever, ahaha (promote dier sikit ehehe).

    This is my favourite version of the Burdah:

    By the way

    How did you get to know my beloved Didi, Ameera Aslam???
    Masya’Allah, just when I thought the world was 1 megabyte… now it’s 1 nanobyte ahahahaha!

    • Salam Mahirah! Okie… I shall check that one out…

      Actually it was more of a chance of how Sis Ameera Aslam got onto my list of blogs really. I was googling something on an Islam-related matter and her blog came up in the search. So as I was reading her entries, I found out that she’s Singaporean and I love her way of writing… so bloop! There she goes on my list of blogs. Haha.

      I doubt she knows me… Then through her blog, I found out that her younger brother, Sadiq is your friend and Farhan’s friend right? And you’re right about the world reducing to 1 nanobyte – just got to find out a few days ago that a friend knows Sadiq’s dad! Haha…

      Fate… maybe?

  2. assalamualaikum.. do have the mp3 format the Muhammmad al Husyan – Mawlay Ya Solli.. can i have it to.. just email me if u have it please..

  3. subhanallah i havent heard a naat like this. When i heard it 1st time i dont know what happend to me. I think this Naat purifies our heart. I love this naat. I have downloaded it. Thanks to Muhammad al husayn who sung this naat. Its the best among all naats. I request Muhammad al husayn to sing more and more naats.

  4. This naat has increased love between me and my nabi sallalahu alihi wasallam. Oh Allah pls send more and more peace and blessing to my Nabi sallalahu alihi wasallam and his family members and companions who followed him.

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