Dila’s Engagement

Alhamdulillah… our dearest friend, Nuradilah Bte Ali (hah, ambik kau nama penuh skali letak. Haha.) is officially engage to Farhan, or better known to us as Farfan, yesterday, 06 June 09.

Zarifah came to my place first due to fashion crisis on my side… Actually I had already picked out what to wear, but Kak Pah here strongly felt that I should wear something better. Couldn’t be bothered much to think (haha), I made her come to my place so that she can pick out what I should wear. She picked out one of my last year’s Hari Raya dress, the macam-nak-tunang baju kurung with the gold lace around…

…which later at Dila’s place, I found that I was wearing the same colour as Dila… Fooh, nasib baik I tak dapat kalahkan Dila hari tu. Haha.. Kidding. =P

I am happy that everything went well that day… but one thing that I regret, I didn’t get to eat the bubur suji. *Sad* Somehow after the Marhaban group came, I felt dizzy, so the thought of bubur suji just disappeared… then later reappeared in my mind again when I reached home. Haha. I think it was one of the Marhaban men who was smelled of strong attar. =S

So to Dila, congratulations my dear… Since you will be married soon, your days to hang out with us girls are numbered. Plus, the next time I meet you, please pass me bubur suji and at least 10 pieces of Ferrero Rocher out of the many many you got ok?

*Evil laugh*

Ok, I’m kidding beb. Lepas you kawin nanti, kalau Farfan tak kasi you hang out with us lagi, kita kita semua akan bantai dia k? Haha…


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