Be Careful What We Ask For

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I was listening to the radio last night, and it was about finding our partners to spend the rest of our lives with, and what the Ustaz said on the radio triggered something for me to think about. It might trigger the same thing in your minds too.

… that when we felt lonely and on a journey in search for that special someone to spend the rest of our lives with, we turn to Allah s.w.t and ask from Him for someone who is a faithful Muslim, someone who loves us, someone who can take care of us, someone who guides us on the right path… (and the list goes on…)

… and when Allah s.w.t. has given us the partner we were looking for – someone we love who loves us back unconditionally – we begin to ask for worldly things. We ask from Allah s.w.t. a promotion in our career which leads to an increase in our pay, which leads to spending on hmm… let’s see… a super nice house for you and partner, a grand wedding, a big car…. 

Hmmm…. what happened to that right path? What happened to asking for things in pursuit of Allah’s pleasure?

I am afraid I’ll turn into one. :S


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