Locked In.

I had never imagined to have landed myself in this situation – I just found myself LOCKED IN the office!!! And it’s about 8.15pm right now.

I had forgotten to transfer the office key into my other wallet when I changed wallets. I decided to stay a bit late today to clear as much work as I can, and when my boss offered to lock the door before he left, for the sake of my safety, I happily said ‘OK’ and conveniently forgotten about the key….

Just when I was packing up and about to throw the rubbish, as I walked towards the door….. Argh, why didn’t it hit me much earlier when Boss said he’d lock the door? I tried to search for an extra key, but to no avail. Extremely panicked, the first person I called was Siti. And thank God, she is on the way here now from wherever she is to rescue me.

Next, I called Tok… well… he let out a little laugh, which later made me laugh along, at my own silliness. Gosh, stoooopid…. stooooooopid!

So now, here I am blogging about my plight, while waiting for Siti…. =S


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