A Movie Night Out with the Brother

Last Thursday night, my brother and I went to watch Ice Age 3 at EHub… After that….

That’s only going out for a movie, mind you. Thank God, I have a family member who loves cam-whoring as much as I do. Unfortunately, last year’s hari raya, we did not own a digicam (all the photos above were taken using the newly digicam our dad bought for our mum’s birthday… lol, spot the irony?), otherwise if we choose to print them all out at a photo shop, I think the printing machine in that shop all tak boleh angz.

So as you can see, we ended the whole day off by taking a photo which looks as if I was stealing a bicycle. Actually, the bicycle belongs to my neighbour.

HAHAHAHAHAH. Ade basikal sendiri, ambik gambar dengan basikal orang lain. Sort dot betol.

Oh well, the hilarious thing was that we were trying to control our laughter as hard as possible (because we already laughing macam orang giler in the lift up) and I tried to pose macam orang nak curi basikal… which I guess, the pose wasn’t convincing enough eh?

I doubt my neighbour reads my blog (because she’s an old auntie, her children seem like the career-minded sort, and her grandchildren are still toddlers). But if she DOES – Auntie ah, sorry ah… I just play play only. My bicycle nicer than your one. I don’t want to steal your bicycle. Sorry ah.


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