The MRT Voice

For those who go to work every everyday taking the MRT train, you will hear a voice reminding you not to eat/drink in the station, a voice who makes sure you call the authority if you see something suspicious, etc… The voice which our Makcik Joyah luuuuurves to repeat without fail after everytime the voice comes out.

Earlier today, Zakiah shared with me something interesting… She told me to look up ‘Juanita Melson’ in…. That MRT voice belongs to, or rather, the MRT announcer, is Juanita Melson.

So, as told by Zakiah, I looked the name up and watched the video. It left my jaws opened. Somehow I was amused. All this while, I actually thought that voice was computerised, or something.

Joyah,  this video is dedicated to you… and to the others out there who loves to try to imitate the MRT announcer.


9 thoughts on “The MRT Voice

  1. Hahaha.. u guys made my day.. all these nerd thingy.. Isn’t nerdy the new cool? so let’s all be nerdy! like zakiah! haha.. 🙂

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