And again…

My brother and I had a silly conversation last night while watching tv. He was talking about this pair of shorts, which I can’t seem to remember what it’s called now, so let’s just use a temporary name – VUB (stands for Very Ugly Bottoms. You’ll know why later, if you have the same taste as me. Haha).

Bro: Kak, what do you think of VUB?
Me: Huh? What the hell is a VUB?
Bro: You don’t know what a VUB is? Tsk. It’s like a pair of shorts, made out of denim, but only guys wear it. (See? Ugly right?)
Bro: Yeah. You haven’t seen one?
Me: No! Why? You wear one is it? Omg, you’re gay!
Bro: No la! But I have seen one…
Me: Omg! You look at guys who wear VUB? You’re gay!

Hahahaha… Come one guys, my brother’s not gay. I just love making him roll his eyes at me (his sign of being irritated). Haha.


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