Beginner’s Lesson

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It’s the second day of fasting, the 3rd day of Ramadhan, and I feel that there’s a hikmah behind having the first day of fasting to fall on a Saturday.

I say so because it is the weekends that I am available at home, and it has given me the opportunity to cook a few dishes for breaking fast, if not just helping my mum with the cooking.

Today’s menu is barbequed chicken and my mum took the chance to teach me how to slaughter the chicken. (All this while, I only cut chicken fillet into smaller pieces, never chopping a whole chicken into smaller parts, so imagine my anxiety, I was praying so hard inside that I wouldn’t vomit.)

I already felt pity for the chicken when my mum showed me the first step – chopping off its head. I couldn’t even look at it, even though it was already dead. Then she showed me the subsequent steps.

I was not eeked out by the trans-fats, because I was more than happy to get rid of them. I was not eeked out by the blood that oozed out when you accidentally cut through the bones, when actually you were aiming for the joints. I was not eeked out by the small heart that was dangling inside (but eventually it fell off). I was not eeked out by the fact that we have to massage the chicken inside out (I treated it as a thankful gesture for letting us humans eat it, heh).


I was eeked out when my mum oozed out something she called ‘oil’ from the chicken’s backside. I didn’t know chicken backside stored oil! Now for that part, I almost wanted to vomit and give up. Seriously!!! It looked like you are bursting a pimple, except that the chicken backside actually oozed out a lot more of that yellowish stuff… EEEEEEEW.

It was really difficult for me to believe that it’s oil, simply because it came out from a backside! But at the same time, I didn’t want to allow myself to think that it’s shit, otherwise I would ban chicken from my diet altogether. (Now I know why my brother has the similar mindset towards prawns.)

And that was only a demo from my mum. In fact, she bought two chickens, so that I could have my own hands-on for the second chicken. Everything was ok, until I had to do the backside. *shudders*

I had no choice but to overcome the fear because she said sooner or later I am going to have to do it myself. Buying a pack of  ready chicken parts is much more expensive, than buying a whole chicken and cut it into smaller pieces ourselves.

Thankfully, I did not faint in the process. I think I would do it again, when my family feels like eating chicken. Haha.

Selamat berbuka semua! 😀


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