How time flies…

It’s seven days to raya! Mum told me, “This year I leave all the cleaning and decorating to you.” I replied, “You sure ah? Ok. Ok.” Upon the sight of the scheming look on my face, quickly she said, “But don’t buy new things!”

If it was up to me, I would throw all decorations out into the rubbish chute, and buy pillow/cushion cases and new curtains. I don’t think it’s happening. How I wish I have my own house!

At the last minute, the family will be wearing greeeeeeeen. It all started after I told (NOT complained) my grandma that I have only one raya dress this year. Seriously, I was not into having two or more baju raya, but my grandma over at JB thinks I should. After hours of walking in Geylang, I finally found one that I like (much to my mum’s relief, because her legs were already wobbling by the time we reached TKC).

After I bought mine, my mum suddenly wanted to buy new raya clothes for my dad and my brother (who NEVER asked for new clothes). She bought a slightly lighter tone from my baju, and later I found out that she has baju raya of the same colour she’s planning to wear this year.

So yeah. The whole family’s green. And the last time the whole family was so colour-coordinated was when I was in primary school. Yeeeh… now nobody’s going to mistake me for my brother’s wife this year.

One more day…. to my TP Driving test!!!! Berdegap degup jantung ku…. Pray for me that I’ll pass yea? InsyaAllah… Siti, kalau I pass, I drive you gi office, jadi you kena doa banyak-banyak. Hahaha.


2 thoughts on “How time flies…

  1. ooh dah lama dah tak dtg sini… nice refreshing change- love the blue 🙂

    btw, i know what it feels like to be mistaken as your brother’s wife.
    what more, YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER!

    haha. in case tak sempat, eid mubarak to you!

  2. SubhanAllah… ahaha this is funny… why?

    My entire family’s in green this year for the 1st day too thanks to my youngest bro.

    Tu lah we’ve never been colour-coordinated since I was in pri sch jugak…

    So kak kalau ader jugak orang mistake you as Faan’s wife macammaner? ahaha! =PP

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