Looking Back

Looking back… I feel like I owe Tok a lot. A lot a lot.


Because he’s gone through lots of sh*ts for me. Not with me, but FOR me. Yes, I can be sooooo difficult like that. But after a confrontation, discussion and a tiny weeny argument in between, I am glad we reached a conclusion.

It took about an hour plus, to realise that I had given him such a hard time throughout these nineteen months. Gosh, nineteen months can? Tsk tsk.

If I was a guy, and had a girlfriend like me, I would have dumped her within days into that big longkang at Hougang Ave 3. 

Thank you, Tok – for putting up with my nonsensical behaviour which at most times, both of us couldn’t understand why I did it.

Ultimately, thank You God, for giving me a brain to think. Thank You, for giving us, what seems to me, unlimited chances in this relationship. We shall try our best not to disappoint You.


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