Me Want iPhone… Please?

It going to be ten, and I am still in the office! What did I tell you? 5 days away from the office was simply too much for me. Luckily my instincts told me to go back to the office after I was done at client’s place today.

Am now waiting for Joyah to finish her stuffs and we shall cab home together later. All thanks to the centralized aircon in the office (which automatically switches off at 5pm), I am feeling super humid here. Gahh.

On another random note, I feel like getting an iPhone. Haha. It seems like I react pretty slowly to the surroundings around me. When iPhone was the talk of the town, I was like “What is so good about it? Pfffft.” NOW, when I see many people using it, and especially after touching J’s and Haney’s iPhones, I am itching to get one.

It’s those applications dude! AND the pweeeety-looking skins that’s selling almost everywhere! Now, how come they don’t have that for Sony Ericsson W595? Argh. I probably have to wait till my line expires…. which is like in a year and half time? Otherwise, I’d get screamed at by my dad again.


You can always get it for me for my BIRTHDAY…. *bats eyelids* Whahahahhaa… Hey, perhaps I should start my birthday list now eh?


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