‘Twas The Day

08th October 2009

Finally The Army has called my brother to fulfill his duty as a true blue Singapore male citizen. I had always dreaded for this day to come, because I knew things at home were going to be less noisier. =(

So, my mum made me take leave from work (one month in advance) to escort my brother off to Tekong. Actually, the fact is that in my family, the only person to go through NS is my brother, to date (not sure if I might have another brother in future, haha), because during my dad’s time, he didn’t have to go through NS (lucky him).

There was a tinge of sadness in my heart when we were in ferry leaving Tekong. Sure, he has been away for one week or a few days for overnight/overseas camps, but I had a change of heart when he’s going off to Tekong. Especially when he doesn’t have network coverage to call home. And after I heard scary stories of army. =(

On a slightly happier and much relieving note, the facilities there are very sufficient. They have this canteen which has plama TVs. Then they have this ‘lepak room’ with aircon, a pool table, TV, sofa, etc, where they can just hang out and interact with their other camp mates.

If they were giving away free army stuffs from Tekong, I would ask for their mosquito net. That thing would look so cool to be hung over my bed. Actually, I think I’d rather have their vacuum-packed meals. Their menu sounds yummy to me.

And I know my mum would ask for their New Balance shoes, which apparently, their reason for having New Balance shoes was to cater to the flat-footed.

I may be known as a Daddy’s girl, but I’m also a Brother’s sister who can be quite clingy to my brother (though I don’t really show it). Already on the first night he was away, knowing that at 9.30pm every night, they are allowed to call home, I was the one who tried calling my brother’s mobile the moment the clock struck 9.30pm.

But, he didn’t have reception over there. Nonetheless, I was optimistic, and thought Starhub may be playing some sort of prank on me, so I tried again at 10pm. I was left with no other choice except to really believe that there’s no reception over there.

I really miss him. =(

I know he’s going to be okay. Ya Allah, please give him strength to the difficulties he may face, and Your protection from all the bad things.


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