Good Reads and Birthday Party

Today, I went to my cousins’ birthday party – a pair of loving sisters who, despite being born on different years, share close dates with each other.

So this morning, with the bad habit of buying gifts at the very last minute (most of the times), went down to White Sands in search of the birthday gifts. Oh my God, looking for two gifts for a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old who are sisters is no easy task man.

Factors I had to take into consideration were:
– Size of gift must be the same with each other (otherwise one sister will be wondering ‘How come my gift is smaller than my other sister?’, then she will hate me forever.
– What they like
– Buying something that they will not throw everywhere
– Costs about the same for each

Of course, I am Ikhlas in buying those gifts. I just didn’t expect it would be this challenging. Hah. After an hour in Popular Bookstore, I got what-to-me-seemed-like-a-perfect-gift for both girls. Heehee. Damn impressed with myself.

After which I decided to drop by the library one level below, because it had been AGES since I stepped into that place. And I ended up with two awesome books. Malay books.

Haha. For someone whose Malay language is deteriorating, I am surprised as to how I even ended up at the Malay section in the first place.

AND AND, I went home with a Cup Walker in my right hand. *grins at Farha* I even did a mini-promotion to my Uncle who came from JB and he said it tasted so nice, knowing that he shouldn’t be drinking those things in the first place. But I made him. Hahahaa, evil me.

Anyways, I went to my cousins’ birthday party in the afternoon and I didn’t take much pictures because:
1) There were many people in the house.
2) The battery was going flat. *stares at Tok*
3) The birthday girls were running everywhere! (That I only managed to take a photo of one. -_-“)

But at least it was a great place to be at because it gave us a chance to catch up with my paternal relatives and meeting new people. =)

With that, Happy Birthday to Aufa and Ain Nur, study hard and be good always!


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