Healthy Lifestyle, here I come!

After much much MUCH procrastination, I have finally gotten myself to start leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only with the hope of improving my immune system, but also to lose weight (since the chances of me growing taller has become ZERO at this age*sadded*).

With the help of my Pasir Ris kaki, we started our healthy lifestyle by jogging last Saturday afternoon. Oh yes, that jogging session got us reminiscing poly days when we were *’conned’ into take the NAPFA test, otherwise we wouldn’t graduate, that was what we were told. And NAPFA test means 2.4km run. I remembered myself running a short distance at Bedok Reservoir, and walking the remaining distance of the 2.4km route. No prizes for guessing what was the result – FAIL. Hahahaha.

*On graduation day, we found out that those who did not take the NAPFA test and have no reason to skip it also graduated with us. Pfffft. Buang energy aku je jalan 2.4km.

On Sunday morning, we played badminton till our right arms were a bit sore. Farha’s also going to make me eat bananas by making me eat her Banana Choc Chip muffin FIRST, before eating the fruit SECOND. We’ll see how that goes. Haha.

So here’s to healthy lifestyle. Since morning, my brain has been trying to churn out healthy recipes to make for lunches (since Chinatown is not so Halal-healthy-friendly). This shall increase the list of senang-macam-kacang recipes that are already in this space. Heh.

To make things even more exciting for me, my cousin’s getting married on 22nd November, so I am targeting to lose a little weight by then, so I can wear the pink baju kurung Pahang that all of us girls are wearing (best nyer!!!!) and stay pretty. Hmmm, I wonder if my cousin can make me her escort, so that I can have a high chance to be in all her pictures. Hahaha, menyebok aje.

Hehe… wouldn’t hurt riggggght?


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