We don’t use nice words anymore.

image taken from deviantart.com

Work has finally took its toll on us. I think.

To the extent that we can forget our colleagues’ names and spend a few seconds thinking what’s his/her name before calling him/her. To the extent that we replace our colleagues’ names with ‘EH’.

More interestingly, sending out letters and emails with ‘chim-sounding’ words in it attempting to sound professional, has gotten us forgetting simple nouns. My colleague has resorted to use sign language when she asks for the correction tape (it looks like an orchestra conductor waving his ‘musical wand’). She has even begun to make funny noises to substitute for a stapler. It goes something like “Kiap Kiap”.

Thank God for annual leave, where we get to take a refresher course on the basic/fun things in life. =D


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