Ten Ten Ten Ten… *wedding music*


tudung girl? 

Say whuuut? It’s 2010 already? Wooot. That was fast.

I’ve told myself not to make the coming of 2010 a big deal, because I felt it would be ironic for me to go all hooha about 2010, when I didn’t make a big hooha about the coming of the new Islamic year last Saturday evening. Alhamdulillah, I managed to fast and made some quiet reflections of my own last Sunday though. But I just didn’t feel quite right to be so…. festive about this 2010.

To each his own ya.    

So, yesterday I was half asleep, but was awakened by the screamings coming from a flat opposite my block. I looked at my digi-clock, and it was 12am. I stayed wide awake after that. It would be nice if they can do that for me at 6am every weekday. Heh.

Yesterday was also a wonderful chance for us girls (minus two, sadly) to meet up and have a mini-picnic by Marine Barrage since most of us had the afternoon off from work. Despite the strong winds and grey skies, God blessed us with a wonderful weather. Nice enough to grab a pillow and doze off. =D

After much reflections since last Sunday, on the past happenings, I began to make goals for the near future. You may call it resolutions, but I’d rather not use the term, because it gives me that youhaveoneyeartocarrythemout-feeling and then you have to make new resolutions for the next year. Instead, I made goals which I can take my on sweet time to take them up, no deadlines. Except for pursuing ACCA. I can’t drag that till next year (yes, 2011) for that one.

Trying new things (speaking of which, kickboxing class starts next week!), be more adventurous and set a body alarm clock (apparently I learnt that it is possible) are just among the goals I’ve set for myself. And I am soooo looking forward to them. *grinz*

Well, I shall see how that goes. It’s 2.26am now. Before my dad wakes up (again) and asks me 13245642152 questions as to why I’m not asleep, I better sleep now. But before I end off, let me share with my Muslim sisters an article, which might come across to you as ‘blunt’ or ‘insensitive’, but it’s reality and reminder for us (including me). Apologies, it is in Malay.

Menjaga Etika Bertudung


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