Let’s Start Planning Already!


Some may have heard me going gaga over Hougang and how very much I’d like to live there one day. There have been countless efforts in persuading my mum to move there, but unfortunately, she has managed to list down the cons (more than the pros) in moving.

So, family moving to Hougang? I don’t think that is ever going to happen. So I have finally accepted the fact that I have to do this alone (together with my future husband).

And finally, good news greeted my eyes this morning! HDB just launched two more new BTO projects in CCK and……. HOUGANG!!!! And the price of these flats? Not bad, I say.

There was some talk between me and Tok before, about applying for a BTO flat (insyaAllah), especially after my mum was pestering for us to get engaged quickly and immediately apply for the BTO flat. You can imagine the BIG QUESTION MARK on my face when she was proposing such idea.

I concluded later that she might not be so serious about getting engaged-quickly part…. but I think she might be supportive in the BTO plan.

I told you, I’m fated to be in Hougang. *grinz* So, what are you waiting for? CEPAT LAH TUNANG! Hahahahha… That was so shameless. Ok! I was kidding!


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