Nothing But The Truth


I had an interesting taxi ride last week. Usually, whenever I decide to take a cab to elsewhere, I hope so hard that the cab driver is not the chatty sort. Simply because I prefer to have some quiet time (with nice music at the background or nothing at all) to myself.

Last week, when I took the cab, I was rather unfortunate to get a driver who was all ready to chat. Me, sticking strongly to my no-speaking-in-cab rule, was prepared to respond in a cannot-be-bothered fashion, so that he’d get my point and stop talking. But oh boy, it caught me in an unexpected situation.

Uncle: Wah… weekend coming hor?
Me: Yah.
Uncle: Then can spend time with your family ah…
Me: Yah.
Uncle: With your hubby and children…
Me: Hmm. Yah.
Uncle: Nothing beats the feeling when you get home and see your children running to you and call you out. All your worries are gone…
Me: Err, yeah. (nodded as if I understood the feeling)
Uncle: It’s true you know.
Me: Yah, I know.
Uncle: So, you must be a young mother. How many children you have?

At this point, there was seriously no turning back, after how many yeah-s I had answered, how much I had agreed with him, and gave him the impression that I am married. Two options:

1) Apologise to him and tell him I wasn’t married and tell him I ‘heard’ him wrongly all that while…. And feel awkward for the rest of the journey; OR
2) Play along with him and sacrifice my could-have-been a quiet time in the cab.

I chose the latter.

After the cab ride, apparently, I have a three-year-old boy being taken care by my mum, my husband and I live with my parents, and my hubby is working in Traffic Police. And whaddyaknow… this uncle used to serve the Police Force before. Thank goodness I had a tiny weeny knowledge about Police-related stuffs, otherwise I’d look so clueless whenever he asks me about my imaginary husband’s job.

One question from the uncle that almost made me choked on my saliva was, “So, not trying for a second one? Go for a girl la this time. Nice pair.”

Hur hur.


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