Young Lives


MAAAAAAAANY things have happened since I last updated.

One of them being the passing of a respected and beloved Allahyarhamha Ustazah Masruroh last Friday. I am sure it came to a shock to many of us, because never did we suspect a fatal disease took her away from us at such a young age. She had big ambitions with the purest intentions, which now she never get to see them come true. Whatever it is, may she be placed among the Mukminuun in the Akhirat. Ameen.

Then as I was performing my morning daily routine of browsing through Yahoo News, I stumbled upon another shocking death about a youth being taken away from this world on Wednesday. Though I never knew her, I felt an extent of sadness when I read the number of blogs written about her departure, a Facebook group set up in her remembrance, and that she was a Temasek Poly student. Melissa Toh was a pretty girl, and I am sure she was a great person. Condolences to her family and friends, may her soul rest in peace.

Death never waits for you to be ready for it. Often times it never lets you say proper goodbyes and sorries. We can only hope that the people we’ve hurt and the people we’ve loved are able to let us go with no grudges. Thus, when people say “LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST,” it does depend on how we interpret it. In my religion, we live to worship Allah swt, and amongst that, living our lives for the right causes, doing things with the right intentions, and accumulate as many P-Points (Pahala Points) as you can by doing good deeds, because only God knows, those are the only things we can depend on later.

Death can be a scary thing, especially when we know that we are not ready for it. So, the most we can do now is, start building your P-Points today!


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