Muslims By Name


I asked myself recently, how did an act that has been clearly stated as haram to Muslims, has become a norm to other Muslims?

I had some doubts to blog this out in the beginning, for fear that it might end up as disclosing others’ bad acts. After much contemplation, I have chosen to share this with you, hoping that this serves as a reminder to us Muslims (especially girls) and prevent more of this from happening. I’ll try to be as discreet as possible, so as not to offend anybody. But if you find my following entry a bit too much, then please, as a friend, do let me know.

On Saturday morning, my mum received a shocking news. Her friend found out last month that her unwed daughter was pregnant. I’ve known my mum’s friend since I was in secondary school, I’ve always heard good things about her daughter.

With that news, that same evening, my mum ‘summoned’ me to her room. Behind the closed (and locked) bedroom door, she began by interrogating me about my relationship with Tok.

Though I am not a mum, I probably could understand what she felt. What has happened to someone else’s child, COULD happen to own’s child. After the short chat, she later broke the news to me. If I was much younger, I would have immediately looked down on the girl for a such disgusting act. Thankfully, I did not feel that way. I felt sympathy for her, and I could only pray for her, and her family to be strong. I have the utmost admiration for my mum’s friend who’s managed to grab hold of the situation and handle it in the most calming manner.

That wasn’t just all. She broke another piece of news, that all this time, there are two more young people whom I know are also unwed mothers. Astarghfirullahal’azeem… I never knew. I just enjoyed playing with their children during Hari Raya visits and thought their husbands, whom I never met, were really busy working.

Up to this moment, I am still too overwhelmed by the news. Unfortunately, this is just one of the many issues we face with Muslim youths nowadays which needs to be tackled.

My mum told me that if this happened to me, it would literally kill her. I love you, Ma. I will NEVER EVER do such a thing to you.

May Allah guide us all to the right path. May Allah forgive us for all our past sins, and protect us from the whisperings of the syaitan. Let me end with a reminder from my Ustaz, on the last day of SPIB. He wrote on my poster-card (I think he wrote it the same thing on everyone else’s poster-card. Haha.):



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