Learning Journey

We’ve reached the 5th day of Ramadhan, how’s my Muslim friends doing? Well I hope. =)

I believe some of us have set some goals (like New Year’s resolutions) to achieve during Ramadhan. Finish up the Qur’an, helping out at the mosque, breaking fasts at different mosques every week, etc. Whatever your goals may be, keep working on it, never leave it half way yea?

My goal this Ramadhan would be performing terawih every Fridays and Saturdays. Alhamdulillah so far I’ve done two nights, at Ennaeem. When I performed on Friday night, I wish I could do it every other nights there. Ustaz’s voice, the energy from the jemaah, is just so heart-warming and so comfortable. I realized that I miss the atmosphere there, sometimes I wish I was living behind the mosque. One day perhaps? Hee. Hougang, I have my eyes on you.

I’ve also arranged to take half day leave every Friday during this month, due to my mum’s recovery from her very recent knee-operation. Which I find that sometimes, we surprise ourselves under strange circumstances. For these past few days, I surprised myself that I can cook when there’s no one at home to comment on my every move. That kinda lifted my self-esteem, and more self-confident that if I have my own family, they CAN survive with a wife/mum like me. Haha.

Maybe I do enjoy cooking more than baking. Hmm. Should consider retrying to cut up that chicken or learn how to clean a fish. Suddenly, Kimora Lee’s words recurred in my mind:- “You can do anything you want. As long as you put your mind to it. With waterproof mascara and 5-inch stilettos, of course.” Okay, that last sentence is completely irrelevant. Heh.

So, have you discovered anything new about yourselves lately?


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