On Friendship…

Raya 2008

I dedicate this entry to my friends. ❤

Looking back at our lives, there are many people who deserve to be in our Thank-You speech. Mainly, our families, and some people we’ve met. Our parents, being our FIRST teachers in our lives, then the rest of our family members who instilled in us family values, caring and sharing (when we first start fighting over toy, or teasing each other till one cries). Along the way, we made some friends, who showed us the value of friendship… and then we find the ‘one’ to share our love with. Before we know it, we find ourselves ‘re-starting’ this whole cycle, when we have our families one day, but from a different perspective – this time, we would be the first teachers to our children, and so the cycle goes on from there.

Today, my reason for this entry is to focus on ‘Friendship.’

At some point during our life, we will come to realize that there is a group of people (other than our families) that have had a great impact in our lives. Friends are those who turn us into a good or bad person, The Holy Prophet [s] said: “Man is influenced by the faith of his friends. Therefore, be careful of whom you associate with.”

Friends are those who will be there for you when you get into any kind of trouble.
Friends are those who try to help to ease your burden. Be it emotionally or physically.
Friends are those who are not afraid to confront you when you make mistakes, yet still careful not to hurt your feelings.
Friends are those who give you extra strength when you have doubts in life.
Friends are those who give you extra comfort when you are in distress.
Friends are those who will give advice when you need to wake up.
Friends are those who will talk to you when you want someone to talk to.
Friends are those who don’t mind the comfort in silence.

I may have not been a perfect friend, but Allah has blessed me with really, truly good friends. Because of them, I know I want to be a good friend to them too. And because of them, I inspire to be a good friend to new friendships forged.

A few years back, I realized that families could be as important as friendships. At that point of time, I felt that I might have swayed to the wrong direction which had led me to ‘neglect’ my friends. Because shameful to say, I put my relationship on top of everything else.

But till that relationship ended, my family was the most supportive, especially my mum, who told me that I have much better and important dreams to chase after. Followed by my friends who were there to second my mum’s advice. The whole incident woke me up, and asked myself, “Where have you been, always with him ALL the time… and only now you feel the need to be with your friends?”

That whole ‘process’ (or however you’d like to call it), led me to open my eyes bigger when I met Tok, who shares a tight united bond with his friends of many many years. Sure, he’s complained to me about some of their disappointing behaviour, but they’d still back each other up in times of trouble, and share the joy in good times. Be it at the void deck, at the cemetery, at the mosque, or at the takraw court, their bond is so strong, you can sense it miles away (besides the roaring sound from the engines of their bikes, heh).

Thankfully, I was given another chance, reminisced the good times I’ve had with my friends and slowly picked myself up. Alhamdulillah, today, I know, that I have a bunch of kick-ass friends who will do whatever it takes to make sure I’m okay. And I also want them to know that they can count on me, and our other kick-ass friends who will do whatever it takes to ensure they are okay.

On a mushy note, I sayang korang kengkawan2ku banyak banyak, and may our friendship last till eternity. Amin amin! Best Friends Foreverrrr! *bimbo accent*

On a random note, I still remember my dream to buy one block of flat, or neighbourhood where me and ALL my friends shall move in there one day. Now, I just need to be the President of Singapore. That’s all. Heh.


8 thoughts on “On Friendship…

    • hee. thanks! you too made part of this whole entry tau… =)

      any word on Afifah’s babies? are they back home? let’s go visit them all!

      • yeeeeessss… let me know if you’ve received any word abt the babies. and I’ll do the same… then we can plan to visit her.. 2gther with Wani too.

  1. Can I triple triple triple triple zillion million like this post?

    Thats so sweet of you. 🙂 And we all love you too JUON! Muackzzzzzzzzz!

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