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What do you feel the second someone is giving you a reminder?

“Alamak orang ni, berleter pulak!” I often feel that way, especially towards my mum. Could be due to her tone when she’s trying to remind me. Huhu. Then followed by me giving an attitude, because I never fail to think that she’s nagging. AKA berleter-ing.

BUT, I notice that most people always shut their ears when others TRY to remind them about religion-related topics. Hmmm… Why ar? Is it because it’s a sensitive issue to be reminded about? Is it something unnecessary? Or is it because it’s a subject that Ialreadyknowlanoneedtoremindme? Or are we just being too ignorant about it?

Yesterday I stumbled upon an article about how harmless a reminder can be, it might even help another person, especially someone you care about.

Read it here: A Heartfelt Reminder

From now on, I shall accept all reminders with an open mind and try not to give an attitude when anybody (especially my mum) is reminding me (through her ‘nagging’).


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