Picking Up A Hobby

image from deviantart.com

Over the years, I’ve picked up a few hobbies, which allowed me to discover that I, get bored easily – some of these hobbies were left halfway… and on to search for the next one! Hahaha. It all started…

1. Stamp collecting during primary school days – My first hobby! Initially the process of soaking the corner of the envelopes in water just to carefully detach the stamps nicely away from the paper was found to be ‘exciting’. Eventually when I realize that interesting-looking stickers only come during festive seasons and overseas (which is super rare), I lost interest.
2. Sticker collecting – My brother and I together with our childhood friends often compare our sticker books with each other and ‘exchange’ some stickers that caught our eyes. Slowly, I was in an artsy fartsy mode and began to just ka-pok all the stickers from my sticker book to decorate the study table, the bed frame, cards, and…. yeah.
3. Cross-stitching! – This has got to be one of my favourites! It inculcates patience and determination (keep working on it to see the finished result)… But a wonderful being, known as my mum, nagged whenever she sees the threads strewn all over the house, and she liked to keep a watchful eye on how I cross-stitch! Grrr. Juuuuust because she knows how to sew. Cheeeh.
4. Reading – This was my shortest-lasting hobby. LOL. It ended the moment I realize I love numbers.

Lately, I’ve been searching of an age-appropriate hobby that can be beneficial and constructive, especially at twenty four years of age… and after weeks of ‘exploring’, I decided to start something! Actually, I’m not sure if it qualifies as a hobby, but I think I’ll grow to love it. Plus it might spark some creativity in me.

Now, I need to buy a good camera. For now, I shall rely on my good ol’ iPhone. No, it’s not photography.


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