Living Life… Adventurously

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On 28th Feb, me and my friend, Joyah (not real name), decided to join a gym to keep ourselves fit (and lose weight). Part also we’ve been feeling so sluggish, it’s about time we say “ENOUGH!!” to our lazy-becoming, fatty bodies.

The first few visits, were rather challenging, because our fatty bodies were not used to it, but after that it was much better. And today was my 6th visit this month! *throws confetti*

Haha. Okay, it may not be a big deal, but it is to me! I could never see myself in the gym before. Any gym! But surprisingly I’m getting so used to this, plus carrying clothes and running shoes every morning. Kinda like a motivation to better get my backside to the gym before or after work, ya know?

And today, I thought,’Hey, if I could finally do this, I can do anything!” and thus, I had this urge to start trying more new adventurous stuffs, that is still religiously, morally and physically right for me.

I’m not sure what may greet me later after work, but with my camera with me in my bag every single day, maybe I’ll capture some nice things along the way. And maybe it’s about time I take a picture of the cat at the office building who enjoys basking under the sun in the morning, in the middle of the carpark entrance. Tsk. I think he/she has more than nine lives to spare.

I’ll be leaving for KL this Saturday with my funky MakChicks (Joyah’s mum included, I’m sure she’s funky too), who knows what agenda we can come up with!

Don’t worry, stalking Anuar Zain or looking for Chef Wan isn’t part of it. Not feeling THAT adventurous yet. *snorts*.

You know what would be great? Something comes when it’s least expected. No, not Anuar Zain. AND/OR Chef Wan. Maaaaybe Remy Ishak. HAHAHAHAHAH!

Write again soon!!!


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