Our Next Small Step

Penat main "orang mati" bang? Sampai kena support dgn tangan? LOL.

Alhamdulillah, and so, Tok has passed his NITEC final year exam and will be an official graduate as at 10th May 2011.

His journey completing ITE was not an easy one. No sir… And I was one of the people suffering with him through this as well. But the day when he got his results and was “Awarded the National ITE Certificate in Mechanical Technology”, we knew that we can go through anything together after that.

I was so proud of him.

He smsed me a sweet Thank You note that same day, but somehow I felt undeserving of such gratitude. Because I didn’t do much, only just gave him the support he needed – irritated the hell out of him to wake up and screamed at each other when he missed a class (just to name a few). LOL. Quite an unorthodox, but heck, it still worked right?

So now with that done, and with Tok having a full-time job with intentions to pursue his other ambition, our next step is, to turn the page to a new chapter.

*Zakiah, don’t rejoice just yet! Haha.*

We are thankful for having supportive parents with our plan, with his parents being so welcoming and very very kind to me, and my parents’ never-ending advice on marriage…

InsyaAllah, in the coming few months, I’ll update again with hopefully, another good news. Hehe.

For now, sape nak sponsor aku kawin???


3 thoughts on “Our Next Small Step

  1. Sorry terlambat baca!
    Just got back after a LOOOONGGG hiatus and cant stop laughing over the part “*Zakiah, don’t rejoice just yet! Haha.*”

    HAHAH! Have I been overly excited? LOL!

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