Juli’s Got ‘Talent’

image from photobucket.com

Recently I realized that I have an ability to write grandmother stories. I may not be great at it, not to the extent to being a well-known novel author *snorts*, but it’s something useful during times of need (or maybe not).

For instance, during my Student Internship Programme during poly, we had to write a report not more than 10 pages long (double space some more), and I ended up with 15 or so. I resorted to getting my then-boyfriend to vet through and shorten it for me. Hee.

Who to blame? It was those compositions that we had to squeeze our brain juices to flow first before I could write, and it must NOT BE LESS THAN XXX WORDS.

And then in poly, they state reports must not be more than xxx pages?! Pffft.

Well, I guess secondary school days win, for now I find myself typing long emails, drafting letters, and last but not least, drafting an appeal for traffic summons.

Just yesterday, my boss urged me to write a letter to this government authority, and it was pretty long and thorough (not more than one page), but I had to ensure the reader (the government officer) gets my point.

And alhamdulillah, my boss gave me the green light after one reading. What a sense of satisfaction there.

So thank you, Ms. Poh, Mdm Rosie Wee, Mr. James and Ms. Koh. (From least favourite to most. Haha! No offence!) And to my mostest mostest favourite teacher of all – MY MUM! Thank you for buying me lots of composition-writing books for me (to copy)!



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