Prepared to be patriotic

This year, Tok emphasized the importance of balloting for NDP tickets. Like every other year (since I’ve known him), he looks forward to being able to watch NDP at the floating platform.

Two years ago, we applied for NDP tickets and we got to watch the preview.

Last year, he was so disappointed (like REALLY disappointed) that we accidentally missed the application dates for NDP tickets. Thankfully, his friend’s partner had tickets so he watched the preview.

This year, he never failed to remind me almost every week since May. You know what they say, “Once bitten, twice shy”. We applied, and he got the tickets!

And like every other year, the only thing I look forward to during NDP (be it live or TV), is the marching contingents. They never fail to give me goosebumps, and a sense of pride being a Singaporean.

Now I need to find a red outfit. See you on 30 Jul, marching contingents!!! (You know which uniform group I’ll be eyeing on. *wink* LOL.)


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