Agnes Monica – Karena Ku Sanggup

I was doing some random hopping in the Youtube website, when one of the suggested videos column showed “Agnes Monica – Karena Ku Sanggup”. So okay lor. I clicked on the video.

Me and Agnes went way back, well, not in a personal kind of way. But I first started watching her during my primary school days. PRIMARY SCHOOL! Every afternoon after school (when I was in the morning sessions), I’d secretly go into my then-grandparents’ room where their TV had Indonesian channels to watch a particular Indonesian show. I had to do all these secretly you see, because my mum was particularly strict about revision and homework and stuffs.

Anyway, this Indonesian show was a one-hour program showing kids singing in their own music videos. Yes! They have their own music videos! It didn’t matter how good/bad they could sing, or if the songs were original (most of them were kids songs that you could dance to)…. as long as these kids looked cute, they’d made it to the show. I remembered seeing this cute botak boy singing hip-hop songs, and boy, did he make lots of videos. He was enjoyable to watch anyway.

So now you know that my primary after-school days were spent by watching an MTV-like Indonesian show with videos featuring cute kids who I doubt had any idea what they were singing to. Haha.

So how was this related to Agnes Monica? She hosted that program! And she co-hosted it with a cute abang-looking guy (can’t remember his name). Then later on, she hosted another kids programme. Before I knew it, I was watching her on sinetrons after sinetrons…

And now, look at her. Labelled as the Indonesia’s/Asia’s Pop Princess. Woooo. She’s grown so much and become so talented. And this video which I was just watching, blew me away. What powerful vocals!

You go girl! The lyrics were not as bad too. To me, it’s like about acceptance and staying strong. ENJOY!


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