The Girl with her Pregnant Bag

Petom carried a heavily pregnant bag yesterday.

Only God, me and her knew what she stuffed inside that Oh-My-Gucci bag. But that heavily pregnant bag took it’s toll on Petom’s shoulders, and she decided to re-organize and hand-carry some of the things out. (Pssst, if you ever run out of plastic bags, you can look for her too.)

So me and Petom met up for Iftar yesterday as she was craving for… Swensens. How could she never gain weight from all those cravings satisfactions, I guess we’ll never know.

If you were wondering about the Taufik and Hady Hari Raya Album…. nope, she didn’t buy it. But Taufik looks so charming (as usual!).

They’ll be at Swensens @ Nex on 11th September from 3pm to 5pm for an autograph session. Maybe I can persuade my parents to go to Nex in the midst of raya visiting. Nak “visit” Taufik and Hady lah katakan…


2 thoughts on “The Girl with her Pregnant Bag

    • Believe it! I happily re-named her that after we did the “What’s your makcik kampung name?” in facebook many months ago…. and it got stuck ever since! I think mine was Pe’ah. LOL.

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