Iftar 2011

When you know you have a group of awesome friends, you’d always look forward to every gathering planned.

Every year (for the past three years) we would meet up one night for an Iftar session during Ramadhan. And so, we met up for an Iftar session last night, cum a Birthday Celebration for our August Babies. We went to Rasa Rasa Seafood Restaurant, located at Blk 136 Bedok Reservoir.

P.s.: To those fasting and reading this during the day, sorry! Sungguh bukan niatku untuk menggugatkan Iman kalian semua.

For people who live in the East and always find it a chore to travel to East Coast, Lau Pa Sat, etc for good seafood and good company, this place is one of the convenient places. You can even make a reservation there if you know you’re coming with a rombongan like that. I don’t have the number, but you can google for it.


Oh, I just had to single this photo out and comment on it. I KNOW what they were doing, but just look at Pak Mid’s straight arms! And if I had any way to caption this:-

"My name is Hamidon, the Fire Protector - Making sure the flames on these candles don't get blown by the wind!"



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