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My parents began “investing” (as I would like to call it) in books for as long as I can remember.

My mum, especially, would read with me, and I remember my first book being “Peter and Jane” almost every single day. One thing led to another – she bought the whole Peter and Jane series, and then my parents bought the WHOLE set of encyclopedias (they aren’t cheap mind you!)…

Perhaps reality began setting in soon after that purchase, my mum later brought us to the library to borrow books for free and enjoy free aircon! Years passed and then the trips to the library became like a quiet playground for us, we enjoyed going there (again, it could be the aircon).

Nonetheless, my parents had succeeded instilling into us the importance and benefits of reading. Why buy when the library has it and you know you’ll only be holding it for awhile… Looking for new information? Go to library. Looking for recipes? Go to library. Looking for inspirational materials? Go to the library. Looking for a mind-blowing fictional book? You get my gist.

We’d only purchase books if it’s mandatory (i.e school books) or for long-term referencing.

As of today, my house is like a library. For those who have entered my house and beg to differ, it’s most probably because I didn’t bring you into our rooms. My room contains my mum’s Readers Digest collection since 1985 TO DATE. Not forgetting my own school books, and fictional books.

Don’t even get me started on the other rooms.

So last weekend, in the midst of kuih-baking, I managed to re-organize my room and packed up all the books I wanted out. And I had a few to give away, so the first place I thought was the library.

For books donation to the library, the books undergo a selection process, because the library is only interested in having some books. For more information, here.

Though I have already submitted the form to them and awaiting their reply, I have to say that I’m not feeling optimistic about it and looking other people who’d want them, or other alternatives to donate to.

I have three fictional books (please note that they are more suitable for adults <— IMPORTANT), and four informative books (from the poly days) to give away. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll provide more details.



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