Raya 2011

Raya this year was a little more special for me because I was able to help out my mum more in the kitchen, with the cooking and baking in preparation for Raya. So to be able to watch those faces while eating my kuih-muih was rewarding.

Plus, my mum was feeling a whole lot healthier (Alhamdulillah) that we managed to go for the Raya prayers in the morning that day. Followed by loitering around West Plaza mall. And off we went to my paternal grandparents’ house after Zohor.

And if you happen to spot a family lugging around big bags and bagpacks in our Raya clothes, that’s MY family!

It ain’t glamorous, but it has become a norm for us to be packing on Raya because after our grandparents’ place we would head straight to JB, to my maternal grandparents’ by taxi. (I know my mum can’t wait for me to get married because then Tok would be able to drive us to JB for Raya. This is also because she knows her own kids can’t be bothered to own a driving license. Sungguh Melampau Dot Com.)

With three new additions to my cousins’ families, AND three more who are learning how to talk (in high-pitched tiny voices), the festivity was definitely a more kecoh affair.

There are many more where they came from!

And what’s Raya without FOOD?

That was Raya for me so far. Hope you had a good one! For more photos, you can view them here.


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