Work It!

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Who have been struggling to lose weight after all that eating during Raya? Better still, who have been struggling to lose weight since forever??? *waving both my hands to the second question*

Fruits diet, veggie diet, slimming pills, gym membership, not eating even… I’ve been there, and I’m pretty sure many have too.

Thus far, the best experience was joining the gym membership. Which means, hands down, exercising is the best way to keep fit and if you watch your diet, you can lose weight too!

After two months, I terminated the membership, and decided to go for jogging every Saturday. Shame on me for hating to jog at the park in the first place (with the excuse that the air is not as clean as you think), but Pasir Ris Park is a beautiful place to run yo!

Then exams came, and the jogging stopped. Since after the exams, I’ve jogged… thrice? (Busy mahhh, fasting also mahhh… Okay, better stop with the excuses already.)

It was until recently that I noticed my face was growing ROUNDER, and my arms seem bigger (I refuse to think they are muscles). Whatever I was seeing ain’t good news.


I’ve had this pretty lady’s blog on my blogroll for many months already, and she is Fay Hokulani. If you haven’t heard of her, here. I love reading most of her updates especially when it’s fitness-related, because it’s motivating. Whether I acted upon those motivation, is another story I think you know. *grin*

Another website I stumbled upon recently was Health Xchange. Very useful website, I say. It’s like everything you could ask the doctor but were too afraid to be blacklisted from making doctor’s appointments!

With a pretty much desk-bound job, and my blossoming love for food and cooking, this will be more challenging than last time. But I can do this!

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