Running Shoes

Last Saturday after my (long-procrastinated) jogging, my adidas shoes gave up on me. This, is despite after gluing the soles so that it won’t be left gaping wide open. But alas, its time came to say bye-bye to me when the WHOLE sole came off.

I had been looking around for new shoes for the past few weeks or so, and was so keen on getting me a pair of Skechers shoes. Mainly because it has been designed to tone your legs and butt. But who would have thought it costs more than a whooping $200? *kaching kaching* Not me! So sadly I had to sacrifice my wanting of that shoe. Boohoo.

Still, it does not stop me from sharing you with this video! It’s so cute, and that music makes you feel like shaking your booty along with it (and the model)!

Anyway, I finally bought a running shoe last night at Royal Sporting House, where Reeboks had 50% off their selected shoes! Though they don’t have butt-shaking commercials as Skechers, Reeboks use more sportsmen than celebrities for their ads.

P.S. (My shoes does not have a glowing effect.)

Speaking of sports brand/apparel, my favourite has got to be adidas, by far.


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