Old Hollywood Glam

Some time before The Smurfs’ Raya Outing, I noticed that some of my friends were into red lip colour. Those LOUD (be it deep or bright) red lip colour. I love make up, and I own one or two of loud red lip colours, one neutral colour and lip gloss. But I can’t seem to explain why I seldom wear the red ones. Maybe I feel that it may attract unwanted attention. Maybe it doesn’t suit my outfit. Or maybe I don’t have the confidence to wear such colours. (But I still got wear them ok. Very few times.)

And yet, I LOVE seeing ladies with their lips donning those colours. Red like the cherries Swensens put on their ice creams. Yumm.

I stumbled upon this video, and I got reminded of my makchicks. Here’s to my makchicks, may this video inspire you to wear loud red lip colour more often, hehe.

Notice how she EFFORTLESSLY puts on her make up, and how she’s taking her own time? That’s something I’d like to learn how to do.


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