Kids Say the Darndest Things

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It’s been about one year that my mum accepted three kids, who are related to my family (is a distant kind of way), to teach them Iqra‘. My mum held the pangkat Nenek“. Which makes me their aunt.

These kids are siblings, and oh boy, do they create a whole new vibe at home. Although I’ll usually be in my room or the kitchen settling some stuffs, I know that they give my mum a roller coaster ride of emotions when teaching them. On the other hand, I find them so entertaining and funny, in notorious ways. Ironically, it’s because of them that my mum can’t wait to have her own grandkids. :s

Kids. Their words are so full of innocence, eyes filled with so much enthusiasm, they say what they feel and live so care-freely. Those are probably enough to make us feel at peace and joyful. (Unless, of course you are parents and worried about their upbringing, etc.)

Since today we celebrate Children’s Day, I’d like to share with some of my conversations with some of “my” group of kids (my cousins, nieces, nephews, etc)…


One night during mengaji, the older sister was struggling with qalqalah reading, where huruf ba‘ meets with huruf tho‘.
Younger brother: Kakak, you see eh. Very easy you know. You know buttock? Just say “buttock”. BUTTOCK!

Another night, the same boy wanted some water and my mum offered him a glass of cold plain water.
Boy: Nek Nor, I cannot drink cold water.
Mum: Then no need to drink la. (She was being sarcastic. Haha.)
Boy: Nek Nor, actually I cannot drink AND eat cold things. My teeth become pain. I think my teeth allergic to cold things.
Mum: ?! Allergic? Sensitive la! Your teeth is sensitive!

One day when my nephew, Adam (4 years old), was playing with his PS3 and his older cousin, Reza (Primary 1), wanted to play with it too. Adam being the super well-mannered one, said politely, “Abang… Abang mainlah ngan benda lain dulu. Bila Adam dah kalah nnti Adam bagi kat abang k?” (Bila kau mau game Adam?)

While testing my niece, Quraisyah (4 years old), on pictures…
Me: Akak, ni ape? (Picture of cupcake)
Her: CAKE!
Me: Pandai! K, ni ape? (Apple)
Her: Eeeh-phol (amik kau! dgn slang skali dia kasi!)
Me: Ape?
Her: Eeeh-phol.
Me: Wahhh! Then orang melayu ckp ape?
Her: E-pel. (Aahhh… So that’s the difference!)
Me: Ok, last, ni ape? (Pink heart shape)

Testing my 2 year old cousin on doa makan
Me: Ikah, doa makan camne?
Ikah: Hmm… Bismillahirahmaanirrahim. Allahumma ba-ba black sheep have you any wool? (With full confidence and pelat.)


I wish I was their age again. How did all that time go so fast??

With that, HAPPY CHILDREN’S DAY to all you kids! You make our adulthood lives colourful! Enjoy while you can (because adulthood ain’t as pretty as you think)! MUAHAHAHAHA.



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