Today marks my 44th month being with Tok. I’m not one who announces our length of relationship on a monthly basis, but I’m feeling sentimental today; if you don’t like it, then shut up and go away.

44 months = 3 years 8 months

Dear Jannemaan,

We’ve come a long way – 44 months is kind of a big deal, considering that this is the longest period we’ve been in any serious relationship.

Truth be told, this relationship was an unexpected one. You’re younger than me, you’re hot-tempered, you smoke. Yet, why am I still here forty-four months later?

(Besides the obvious fact that I love you…) I’d like to think it’s FATE.

You’ve opened my eyes to other things I never knew existed, you showed me that life could be more than it is, you taught me that it’s okay if we don’t see each other everyday, you made me a much more patient person than I was, you made me fall in love with your family and… you turned me into a Hindustan-movie-addict.

Of course, these forty-four months were not always rainbows and butterflies. We fight (with all that yellings, cryings, foul attitudes and the ugly faces), but when we do, we end up with a solution, we learn to give in and compromise. And the best part is, we come out emotionally stronger.

So here’s to many months more to come, before we’re officially husband and wife (when I won’t have my bed to myself anymore). Continue to make your mum proud with your determination towards your goals. We know you can do it, because we’ve watched you progressed so much.

And thank You, God. Thank you for letting us discover each other, to provide support, strength, patience, a listening ear and be with each other for the rest of our lives, insyaAllah.

Kareena Kapoor/Preity Zinta/Rani Mukherji/All of them


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