Towards 2012…

The year 2011 has finally come to an end, welcoming another set of 365 (or in next year’s case, 366) days.

To wrap it up, 2011 has been an amazing year, and below pretty much sums up what I’ve learned during the year.

  • Let all the bad memories be bygones, and etch the good ones in our minds.
  • Forgive those who have hurt us, and forget those who aren’t worth our time. The reason simply being: Staying angry requires way too much energy. WASTED energy.
  • Fight for what we strongly believe in.
  • Cherish our parents, and consult them when making any major decisions. And make the decision, with your parents’ blessings.
  • For a healthier mind, always have positive thoughts.
  • If you don’t try, you will never know.
  • If you seek God with the purest intentions, He will always be with you.

I’ve realized that my yearly resolutions never gets fulfilled, so I am just going to work towards one goal for 2012 (and beyond): TO BE HEALTHIER AND STRONGER. SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY.

With that, allow me to wish you a Happy 2012, may all that happened in the past be our experiences to prepare us for what’s to come in the future. BRING IT ON!


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