Maulidur Rasul SAW

Every year in the Islamic calendar, there is a special date, 12 Rabiul’Awal to be exact, where we remember the birth of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). And today, IS 12 Rabiul’Awal.

Muhammad (PBUH) was The Chosen One by Allah SWT to spread Islam. There are so many stories about him, which reflects the highest moral character he possessed, and how special Allah SWT created him, which leaves you in awe.

A few years ago, while I was sitting down with a friend, the audio system was playing a song sung by Raihan about the prophet. She cried throughout, and obviously I became freaked out. AFter the song, when the atmosphere was more calm, I asked if she was okay. She apologised and said to me, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, Ju. Whenever I listen to anything related to Muhammad (PBUH), I get reminded of the things he went through just for us. It’s emotional for me.”

I was still a little stumped. Despite learning about him through Sirah since I was in primary school, sadly my knowledge about Muhammad (PBUH) has slowly diminished over the years. But at the time, for my friend’s sake to understand why she cried, I did a few readings about the Prophet. Actually, make that like a refresher crash course on the Prophet’s life.

Subhanallah, how I wish I was living during his time so that I could meet him!

I would love to get to know this great man all over again (in detail), and then I found this website (all thanks to and the good people who created Prophetic Timeline) – Prophetic Timeline.

The website contains all there is to know about our prophet from the time before his birth, till the time of his death. After a brief browse-through, I believe it is a good start for anyone who wishes to know about Muhammad PBUH.

May we strive to follow the steps of Muhammad PBUH, and look upon him as our role model in our daily lives.

“Muhammad exemplifies the strong and profound relationship that each human being ought to have with his Creator, his fellow human beings, and the world around him. May Almighty God and His angels and all His creation bless him and greet him with the salutations of peace!”


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