Bento Boxes

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I am not happy.

Last year I bought a hot pink stainless steel Zujishiro flask-looking thing, consisting of two microwavable containers in that flask. And it’s missing.

The only thing that still exists, is the bag. Aaaaaaaaaargh!

The past few weeks I have resorted into using the disposable microwavable transparent container, if I feel motivated to bring packed lunches. What’s wrong with these containers, you may ask? I find myself unloading the WHOLE cabinet of containers… search of its covers.

Very troublesome, you know. Not to mention, I could have spent a few more minutes catching up on sleep, than looking for a cover.

Last week, the fiance asked what do I want for our 4th year anniversary. Moments like these very rarely occur, so I jumped at this chance, thinking that I could get whatever my heart desires the most!

So instead of asking for a Coach/Kate Spade bag, I chose to ask for a new lunch box(es) set. Of course he doesn’t have any clue how and where to get it. And, I wasn’t sure what kind/type to get. The circle one? The squarish one? The flat one?

All thanks to all the free time I have before going to sleep later, I googled on a few lunch boxes, I guess they are more popularly known as Bento Boxes. And I am in love with this (and the bag!)

Though the lady almost put me to sleep (sorry, Mdm!), I think it’s very practical (you can stuff in all other food-related items in there!). Now I just need to search for the similar and affordable kinds.

Browsed at related videos on Bento Boxes, and watched this!

Videos like that make you go “I’m going to start that from tomorrow!!!” It’s either the excitement talking (and you end up feasting on Mcd breakfast tomorrow morning, hehehe), or true determination (start preparing now! NOW!)

Whatever it is, if you are planning to save money on food (like me, because most of my $$ is victimized by food), sick of the food around your work/school area, or starting a healthy lifestyle, I strongly feel that packed meals from home is the best way to go.

Can’t wait to get my brand new Bento Box!!!! (I got nagged at when I asked for slimming treatment. Sedih.)

For now, off I go to search for a disposable container and its cover.


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